ATIBT members featured again in SPOTT 2022 results


As a reminder, the Zoological Society of London (ZLS) evaluates through SPOTT the transparency of timber and pulp producers regarding their environmental and social policies and practices.

This year again, Interholco is top-ranking, followed closely by Precious Woods. Olam, Pallisco and Maderacre also score above 65%.

In 2022, companies scored an average of 21.7% on the public disclosure of their policies and practices, a small decrease from 2021’s average of 23.6%. About 30 companies showed some progress in transparency and increased their score on average by 1.8% points from 2021.  Companies who directly engaged with ZSL by providing feedback on draft assessments and publishing additional public disclosures improved their draft scores by an average of 2.6% points.  

With a landmark year coming up for nature with the CBD COP15 and UNFCC COP27 on the horizon, we are calling on the corporate sector to take biodiversity loss seriously. Our SPOTT assessments show that the timber and pulp industry could make a huge difference by creating measurable targets that align with the global targets set at the upcoming conference in Montreal this December” said Oliver Cupit, ZSL Sustainable Business & Finance Programme Manager.

A summary of results is available, as well as the full scorecard.

You can also read the press release issued by SPOTT.