Survey on the ATIBT newsletter: what feedback?


We thank those who responded to the questionnaire for taking the time to participate in the survey.

Credits photo : IMAGEO

Let's start with some figures: out of the 3000 people who subscribe to the ATIBT newsletter, 30% are regular readers and 12% are occasional readers. The newsletter is thus a privileged communication tool with the actors of the sector.

We have noted your overall positive feedback regarding the format and quality of the newsletter.

We have also taken into account your responses and comments on the content you would like to read: a certain number of you have indicated that you would like to see more news on the markets and statistics. From now on, we will relay the ITTO Tropical Timber Market Report twice a month, with a summary of the issues that most affect ATIBT members, and we take note of this request more generally.

In addition, many of you have requested more technical publications: the ATIBT media library is being reorganized, and will soon make it possible to make better use of the existing resources.

Finally, we remind you that ATIBT members can at any time propose to publish information about their companies or organizations.

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