A code of ethics for ATIBT


The code of ethics of our association is the result of the work that was carried out during the year 2022 by the ATIBT Board of Directors. The members of ATIBT are aware that, given the stakes that tropical forests have for the future of the planet, the sector in which they operate requires them to be irreproachable at the economic, environmental and social levels. The purpose of these ethical rules is to help ATIBT members respect and improve industry practices by confirming to all their partners that they are dealing with respectable companies.

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Membership in ATIBT confirms that the member subscribes to the association's bylaws and rules of procedure, which include ethical rules.

The ethical rules do not contain exhaustive instructions, but state the principles that members must follow with common sense, honesty and integrity, in the spirit of a code of conduct.

All members also subscribe to ethical standards of sustainability.

Thus, the ATIBT Code of Ethics is :

  • A guide for members: the code of ethics serves as a guide for ATIBT members by providing rules and standards to follow in their actions and decisions. It can help resolve ethical dilemmas, providing a framework for decision making and helping members assess the consequences of their actions.
  • A text to further enhance the ATIBT reputation: the code of ethics can help enhance the association's reputation by demonstrating its commitment to ethical and responsible practices. This can help attract new members, retain existing members and gain the trust of external stakeholders, such as donors, partners and regulators, as well as strengthen the image of certified tropical timber in the marketplace.
  • A statement of our full compliance with legal requirements: the code of ethics can help ensure that the association complies with all legal and regulatory requirements regarding ethics.

With this text, each new member :

  • Adheres to the values of ATIBT, including the association's commitments to fight illegal trade, corruption, and support for forest certification.
  • Works in compliance with all existing laws in a fair and responsible manner.
  • Acts at all times with integrity and responsibility and with care in the day-to-day observation of the company's activities.
  • Takes all reasonable steps with suppliers to comply with legal requirements, especially with regard to the European Timber Regulation (Regulation 995/2010, effective March 3, 2013) and the application and monitoring of EN standards.
  • Is encouraged to fill in the information related to the Themis portal, which should allow companies to self-assess, and federations to better know their members. After completing the portal, companies will be able to report on their responsible sourcing performance if they wish.
  • Conducts regular external audits of its (non-certified) suppliers to ensure the legality of its sourcing. Consultants involved in due diligence assessments are expected to conduct audits in accordance with good auditing practice, with probity and impartiality.
  • Takes into account that ATIBT strongly encourages commercial collaboration with suppliers certified in sustainable management (FSC and PEFC) as a priority and then with partners certified by independent third parties for their legality.
  • Does not deliberately mislead or misrepresent to customers the goods or services provided.
  • Respects confidential information provided in the course of business.
  • Trains its staff and agents to be familiar with the contents of these rules. The member requires staff and agents to perform their duties in the spirit of the rules.
  • Follows the instructions, guidelines and advice of ATIBT to the extent applicable.
  • Discloses the existence of these rules and distribute them and, if necessary, give details of the disciplinary procedure.
  • Brings to the attention of ATIBT any cases that may have a negative impact on the reputation of the timber industry or the association.
  • Cooperates fully with any legislative or statutory body and with the ATIBT in the investigation and validation of complaints against such bodies or the association.
  • Provides clear and accurate information to all business and institutional partners.
  • Establishes clear, responsive and user-friendly procedures its company to handle complaints and follows those procedures.

Respects and complies with the decisions of the ATIBT Executive Board and Board of Directors.

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