The Fair&Precious clip on sustainable tropical forest management is available


As part of the Fair&Precious program, three films were made in 2022 to highlight the benefits of sustainable management and to inform people about how it works. A shorter clip, less than 2 minutes long, was also produced.

Image : IMAGEO

This clip, in addition to serving as an introduction to the three episodes (each lasting about 8 minutes), allows by its very short format to be easily distributed to raise awareness of sustainable management certification and the need to preserve the tropical forests of the Congo basin.

The images were shot in the concessions of Fair&Precious operators in Gabon, the Republic of Congo and Cameroon, as well as in France at the Millet Group, an ATIBT member since 2022. The message for consumer countries: buying FSC and/or PEFC certified tropical timber means supporting good forestry practices in producer countries that respect ecosystems and populations.

As a reminder, the Fair&Precious film collection on sustainable management of tropical forests is divided into three episodes:

The second episode was presented at the ATIBT Forum in Nantes in early June 2022, and the first episode at the Think Tank in December 2022.

The third and final episode, "For the well-being of populations", is currently being finalized and will be posted online very soon.

Watch the Fair&Precious clip on sustainable management of tropical forests