Participate in the survey to strengthen sustainable trade with Cameroon and prepare for the meetings at CIB


As part of the ASP-Green Pact project, supported by the European Union and led by ATIBT, we are pleased to invite you to participate in a survey on trade relations with Cameroon, with a response deadline set for April the 29th. This initiative aims to refine our understanding of current trade relations between European importers and Cameroonian producers, with a particular focus on lesser-known timber species (LKTS) from Cameroon. Furthermore, this approach is part of the preparations for the International Wood Fair (CIB) to be held in Nantes, offering an exceptional platform for enriching exchanges and partnership opportunities.

Why is your participation important?

 Your experience and perspectives as importers are essential in shaping a future where timber trade is both sustainable and beneficial for all. By responding to this survey, you contribute to:

  • Understanding your current needs and future interests in certified tropical timber from Cameroon.
  • Identifying market trends and your expectations in terms of sustainability and traceability.
  • Assessing the potential for collaboration and partnerships with Cameroonian suppliers.


What are the Benefits for You?

By participating in this survey, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in dialogue with Cameroonian producers committed to sustainable forestry practices.
  • Expand your product range with certified timber and LKTS from Cameroon.
  • Participate in exclusive B2B webinars and business meetings with certified Cameroonian suppliers, which will take place at the ATIBT stand during the International Wood Fair in Nantes (28-29-30 May).
  • Visit Cameroon to closely observe sustainable practices and establish direct commercial relationships.


How to Participate?

The questionnaire, available as a Google Form, is designed to be both comprehensive and easy to complete (less than 5 minutes). It explores:

  • Your knowledge and interest in certified tropical timber and LKTS from Cameroon.
  • The types of tropical timber and LKTS that interest you the most and their uses within your company.
  • Your perception of the market and trends in sustainability.
  • Actions or initiatives that could encourage the use of Cameroonian LKTS in the timber trade.
  • Your interest in specific partnerships or collaborations with Cameroonian suppliers.

Your Voice Matters Your feedback is crucial in guiding our efforts towards more responsible and sustainable trade.

To access the survey, follow this link. For any questions or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Learn more about the ASP Cameroon Green Pact project


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