ETIC, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries: An Unwavering Advocate for Sustainability and Responsible Wood Management


In the face of growing environmental challenges, ETIC, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, is a benchmark organisation in the sector: an unwavering advocate of sustainability and responsible management of wood resources to meet growing public demand.

Firmly committed to promoting the vital role of wood in a circular economy, ETIC defends the preservation and responsible use of Europe's forest resources.

ETIC boldly affirms the irreplaceable value of wood, not only as a renewable and versatile resource, but also as a cultural and societal cornerstone.

Forests are an irreplaceable intangible asset, and we want to give them their rightful place in the public policies of tomorrow, in Europe and around the world.

At this pivotal time, ETIC's voice resounds in defence of the sector's interests, ensuring that the benefits inherent in using wood are not clumsily called into question or overshadowed.

Through collaborative engagement with policy-makers and stakeholders, considering wood-furniture sectoral social dialogue and digitalisation as fundamental instruments of progress, ETIC strives to preserve the integrity of the European Wood Industry for generations to come.


The full Manifesto is available here