ATIBT is launching the « LKTS 2020″project



ATIBT has just launched the LKTS 2020 project, which aims to promote Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS) in the Congo Basin.


The project is divided into practical modules, bringing together targeted pragmatic actions (state of the art, PPECF tests, railway timber, sectoral approaches, marketing methods, etc.), based on ongoing initiatives or to be conducted on this topic. ATIBT wishes to facilitate access to information on these species, which are under-represented or absent in the markets, not exaclty unknown to professionals in the tropical timber sector, but which deserve to be better valued.


The first stage – the state of the art – aims to centralize and capitalize the knowledge acquired on these species by the various stakeholders of the sector in terms of available resources and renewability, but also machinability.


The LKTS 2020 project is led by Elise Héral, Project Manager for Secondary Species at ATIBT, in conjunction with the Marketing Commission.


Picture : Tali, a species of the future

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