A new legality standard : FLV, from Rainforest Alliance



Rainforest Alliance is launching the  Forest Products Legality Verification (FLV) service.


With the FLV standard, which more closely meets the requirements of the EUTR, companies will be able to comply with the regulations applicable to international trade in timber and forest products by providing a legal guarantee to buyers in markets, particularly European, US and Australian markets.


The FLV standard will replace the current VLC (Verification of Legal Compliance).


The FLV standard includes several requirements for companies:


  • make a public commitment to producing or sourcing legal forest products;
  • provide access to information about their production of forest products or supply chains;
  • conduct risk assessments for products from their certification scope and identify areas where risk of illegal activity exists;
  • mitigate any identified potential risks;
  • monitor  efficiency of the due diligence system and risk mitigation activities.


Download the PDF of FLV Standard