A new Minister for Forests in Gabon: Mr. Pacôme Moubelet Bouyeba


Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba wished to reshuffle the government and on Monday, August 28, its composition was announced.
In charge of the forest, the sea and the environment, was appointed Mr. Pacôme Moubelet Bouyeba, with the status of Minister of State.


He succeeds Mrs. Estelle Ondo, who is now in charge of a Ministry that is also key in Gabon, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, which maintains a strong link with the forest-timber sector.


With the Minister Estelle Ondo, and through the forestry union UFIGA, ATIBT had many exchanges on several important subjects, which we hope to continue with his successor.


We thank the Minister Estelle Ondo for her cooperation and her dynamism and wish all our best wishes to Mr. Pacôme Moubelet Bouyeba.