Follow-up on Motion 34 relating to IFL


After the 8th General Assembly in Vancouver, of which we have already spoken to you, FSC is following up on one of the highlights of this general meeting: Motion 34, passed after amendments by members of the three chambers of the FSC.
This motion requires the FSC Secretariat to frame a study to be conducted to assess the social, environmental and economic impact of Motion 65 at the regional level in the regions involved (Canada, Russia, Amazon and Congo Basin).


This study aims at studying the short and long-term impacts of the protection and management measures of the Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL) associated with the implementation of Motion 65. A special effort will be made to ensure, in this study , to include the impacts of the motion on indigenous peoples and forest-dependent local communities.


FSC will create a Task Force with a balanced chamber , which will set the overall framework and produce the terms of reference for regional impact assessments. After a call for tenders, a consortium will be selected to carry out this multidisciplinary study in the countries of the Congo Basin.


The results of impact studies related to Motion 34 may not be available until 2019. Transitional measures will likely need to be taken based on the results presented.