The website MyTropicalTimber is online!



The « » website, a project supported by STTC and conducted by ATIBT, is now online !


Translated into 7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Danish), this tool is inspired by the website developed by the French LCB Federation « ». It is intended for professionals wishing to obtain information on the uses of tropical timber, learn about the more than 100 species presented or simply to find a supplier of tropical wood in one of the European countries represented.


The goal is to facilitate access to the tropical timber market and to prescribe the right wood for the right use. We want to expand the areas of use of tropical timber by increasing the confidence of the market and professionals in the use of wood in more fields and more ambitious projects. Our objectives are also to strengthen working relations with all European associations, to promote the sustainable tropical timber and to encourage the use of lesser known species (LKTS). The site integrates the technical presentation of species and categories of use, supported by the technical data of the Tropix database of CIRAD.


A global (European) tool , but with a local (national) declination


Each national context is taken into account by listing the distributors and presenting the wood sector news by country. The page of each supplier can be enriched with different visuals and the national federations will manage their own page independently.


ATIBT and STTC wish to deploy this tool at the European level, in order to federate all the actors and to provide a clear message to the European user. This project remains open to all wood federations in Europe who wish to join us. Only the help with translation is requested.