Launch of the « Cité du développement durable » for concrete actions at the service of ecological transitions


November 14, 2018 saw the launch of the “Cité du développement durable ” at the Indochina Pavilion in Nogent-sur-Marne. The city of sustainable development is a unique cluster that brings together organizations representing the diversity of actors of sustainable development and ecological transitions : research institutes, higher education, associations and NGOs, design offices, design offices, companies of the social and solidarity economy, etc.

This event was an opportunity to present concrete actions at the service of transitions in connection with the Sustainable development’s goals and in the presence of the 18 founding members of the campus.

In a first introductory part, Anne Le Naëlou (Director of the IEDES) and Olivier Bruyeron (Director of the GRET) recalled the exceptional history of this place and presented this multi-stakeholder site in solidarity with the territories and their populations who have a common approach: Research / Capitalize / Share. Approaches for the future have also been mentioned:

  • A digital portal on sustainable development
  • Eco-responsible reconstructions to imagine
  • Original installations : from a place of memory to a place of exchange (Fiona Guillemant, EnsAD 2018)
  • Ambitious programming open to the public

CIRED then recalled the highlights of the IPCC Report with a focus on the levers of change and the transitions required. The following presentations focused on demonstrating that solutions already exist with focus on five areas of concrete action led by the actors of the “Cité du développement durable “:

  • Sustainable forests (ONFIKinoméLCB-ATIBT)
  • Agricultural and Food Transitions (AVSF-CeF-D & S)
  • Professions and trainings (GRET-Econovia)
  • Sustainable Cities (CIRED-CIRAD)
  • Green Campus (IEDES)

The morning was closed by Michel Eddi, CEO of CIRAD present for the occasion and who emphasized the know-how and synergies between the entities present on the site to succeed the transitions for the world of tomorrow.