FINFORTROP: selection of the TEREA-AGRECO-PWC group and launch in September



FINFORTROP (Financing for the Congo Basin’s Humid Tropical Forests) was the subject of an agreement between the BDEAC and AFD. Funded in part by a grant from the FFEM, it aims to provide companies and financial institutions of the Congo Basin’s forest/timber sector with technical support, in order to promote the funding of initiatives favouring the sustainable management of the area’s rainforests.


Aware of ATIBT’s efforts to encourage a responsible and competitive tropical timber sector, in general but especially in the Congo Basin, the BDEAC wanted ATIBT to be involved in the implementation of this important project.


The technical assistance recruitment process for the project’s implementation resulted in the selection of the TEREA-AGRECO-PWC group, which is run by the TEREA firm.