The market for certified wood is on the rise in Belgium: Result of the first sectoral agreement signed in 2011 and presentation of the second.


Following the first sectoral agreement, the share of certified first transformation wood products on the Belgian market is still increasing.

And negotiation of a new timber sector agreement 2019-2024

In 2011, Fedustria (Belgian Federation of Textile, Wood and Furniture Industries) signed « Wood Sectoral Agreement » with other sectors of the timber industry and the then Federal Minister of Climate and Energy. The objective of this agreement was to increase the share of certified wood products on the Belgian market and to raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable forest management. The sectoral agreement applies to primary wood products, i.e. sawn softwoods, tropical sawn hardwoods, temperate sawn hardwoods and panels, and extended to end of 2018.

Market research study

At the beginning of 2018, a consortium composed of Probos, Bos + and IDEA Consult carried out a market study on the share of certified wood placed on the Belgian market in 2016. A similar exercise was also carried out a few years ago for 2012. The The study showed that the share of certified primary wood products on the Belgian market had further increased from 40.5% (2012) to 59.5% in 2016.

The table below presents the results of the study, as well as the results for 2012 and 2016.

The total volume of sawn timber and certified panels (in m³ rhe) which was marketed in 2012 and 2016 on the Belgian market and the market share in% of certified wood.

This study also includes exploratory research on certified wood for secondary wood products (including furniture, pallets, windows), paper and cardboard. The origin of certified wood products has also been examined. The full report can be requested from Fedustria.

New sectoral agreement 2019-2024

The current sectoral agreement is coming to an end and negotiations for a new agreement are in full swing. The key points of the new agreement (still in the design phase for the moment) are

  • the signatory federations undertake to raise awareness and inform their members about the sustainable forest management and thus endeavour to increase the supply on the certified wood market;
  • from now on, an annual follow-up will follow. Fedustria mainly advocating a simple evaluation with a minimum workload for companies;
  • the scope will be extended. This means that the agreement will no longer focus solely on primary wood products, but also on secondary wood products – such as furniture, floor coverings, building components, etc.

Shared responsibility

What remains for the moment very vague is the return of the government.
Fedustria wishes to emphasize that efforts must not only come from the sector, but that the government must also take its responsibilities, for example as follows:
• involvement and efforts of the federal government to promote the use of wood, if it comes from sustainably managed forests;
• greater attention to certified wood in public tenders.

The new agreement in the timber sector is expected to be signed in March 2019 and will have a duration of 5 years.
As stated, this agreement is still in draft form, if you have any comments, please do not hesitate to let us know :, phone : +33 (0)2 528 58 34