INVITATION WEBINAR on the theme « DEFORESTATION AND DUTY OF VIGILANCE: Risk identification and prevention of damage to the environment »


The NGO Mighty Earth and the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests are pleased to invite you to a webinar in order to present the conclusions of the report « Deforestation and duty of vigilance: the forgotten case of soy » by Mighty Earth, Sherpa and FNE, and supported by the Alliance:

Thursday, April 4th from 4:30pm to 5:30pm

A link to the webinar will be communicated later on.

Interventions :

1. What deficiencies are identified in the vigilance plans and what risks are companies facing? by Sébastien Mabile, Associate Attorney, Seattle Lawyers

2. What practical solutions for companies?by Etelle Higonnet, Mighty Earth and Jean-Manuel Bluet, VP, Alliance for the Preservation of Forests


In a recent report on deforestation, the NGO Mighty Earth, alongside Sherpa and France Nature Environment, denounces the failings of companies on the ground to meet their obligations under the law of the duty of vigilance and duty diligently supervised by the UN and the OECD. From the publication of the second vigilance plans, companies will be subject to legal proceedings.

Conscious of the damage done to the environment and local populations through the raw materials they use in their products, companies have chosen the example and act together within the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests for implementing concrete solutions that respect natural ecosystems in South America, the Congo Basin and South-East Asia.

In this context, Mighty Earth and the Alliance for Forest Preservation are calling on companies to be actively mobilize in the fight against imported deforestation. It is our responsibility to all, businesses and citizens, for the survival of our planet!

Thank you for confirming your participation with:

Laure d’Astorg, Alliance for the Preservation of Forests

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