Honesty is the best policy, by Robert Hunink


ATIBT President tells anecdote about last trip to China.

During our recent trip to China, the managing director of ATIBT, Benoît Jobbé-Duval lost his telephone. After thoroughly checking his bag and pockets, he was dismayed…

Our Chinese host tried to call the taxi driver that dropped us off at the hotel, but the phone was not in the taxi. He then decided to call Benoît’s mobile number and, surprisingly, someone replied in Chinese. A person, delivering ready-made meals, had found the phone on the street not far from our hotel and, as is practice in China, informed the police. When we met this person, the police were already on the scene and about to start a full and lengthy investigation that normally finishes at the police station with signing official papers. However, after showing Benoît’s passport and after answering some questions, things were settled on the spot.

We asked our host if it would be appropriate to give something to the honest finder in order to show our appreciation. But our gesture was resolutely rejected, even after various attempts on our part. This young person told us that he was of the opinion that one needs to do at least one good deed every day. We were extremely impressed by such an attitude !