Call for applications for a study on the state of the actors of the forest-wood private sector in Cameroon


As part of the implementation of the FLEGT-IP and FLEGT-Certification projects funded respectively by the EU and PPECF / COMIFAC, and implemented in 4 countries of the sub-region, the GFBC in Cameroon has launched a call for  application for the recruitment of a consultant or a national cabinet to carry out the state of art of the private  forest-wood sector.

Following the Congo and Gabon, Cameroon undertakes the draw of the situation of its logging and timber processing companies, as well as professional associations and their respective markets to better target their level of involvement in the forest-wood sector and to guide the implementation actions of the FLEGT-IP and FLEGT-Certification projects.

The study will not only map the different categories of actors in the forest-wood sector and their representativeness for Cameroon’s private forest sector, but also will know their preferred communication channels, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their operating system.

The purpose of the study is to make available to the actors involved in the VPA FLEGT, a reliable database on the main actors in the (economic) value chain of Cameroonian wood.

Knowledge of their level of commitment to sustainable management (verified third-party certifications of legality or sustainable management), their level of knowledge of the regulatory framework and the VPA, their communication preferences and the status of their professional associations, will guide capacity building actions, support for certification of legality or sustainable management, and communication to inform and exchange effectively with companies.

The final report of the study is expected for the month of August 2019.