Reuse of sawmill timber waste by cogeneration plants operated by Central African forestry companies.

The DynafFor project concerns Central African forests’ structure and dynamics: moving towards timber processing rules that integrate the ecological functioning of tree populations and the variability of environmental conditions.

FFEM/AFD awarded ATIBT with a one million euro grant to encourage Congo Basin logging companies to move towards the installation of Cogeneration Plants.

The idea is to generate electricity and heat by reusing the timber by-products that until recently were considered to be waste and were used for energy.

The project is divided into three components:

  • Technical:
    energy audit of the Congo Basin’s primary industries, feasibility studies for each of them, an investment plan.
  • Environmental:
    implementation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, an assessment of products’ life-cycles.
  • Social:
    a study of rural electrification and the possible conflicts between local residents and the concession generated by a revision of the related products’ circuit.

Companies that benefited from the project:
SFID, CIB, IFO, CEB Precious Woods, Corà Wood Gabon, WIJMA and Pallisco.