Use Certified Tropical Timber.
"Let's be committed actors in the socio-economic valuation of the tropical forest, the fight against deforestation and global warming, as well as the preservation of fauna and flora. Let's use an exceptionally durable material. Let's use certified tropical timber."



Meeting of the National Group on Tropical…

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Republic of Congo – State of play…

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Can we still save the rainforests and…

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Company coaching process towards private certification...

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Democratic Republic of Congo- PIREDD Mai-Ndombe...

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19 February 2020 > 20 February 2020

Panel discussion China Africa, Republic of Congo

19 February 2020

Second FSC online meeting (webinar): FSC Global Strategic Plan

22 February 2020

Third online meeting(webinar): FSC Sustainable Intensification

12 March 2020

From deforestation to the restoration of degraded lands: Forland, an integrated digital solution. ONFI – Nogent sur Marne

24 March 2020 > 25 March 2020

ATIBT Think Tank in Douala

How to preserve the tropical Forest?

This video shows, in a simple and pedagogical way, the challenges of sustainable and responsible forest management, the certification of the forest companies exercising this management and the role of each player in the preservation of tropical forests.
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