The impact of “Kévazingo gate” on the…

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G7 France 2019 – Fighting inequality by…

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The ATIBT welcomes Mr. Nicolas DUBART, as…

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Launch of the Scientific and Technical Committee…

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Challenges and recommendations identified to relaunch Cameroon…

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3 May 2019 > 13 July 2019

First Biennale of architecture and landscape of Île-de-France in Versailles. On the theme of “Man, nature and the city”

19 May 2019 > 23 May 2019

ATIBT preparatory mission for the 2019 Forum in China

20 May 2019 > 25 May 2019

4th World Congress on Agroforestry

23 May 2019 > 3 June 2019

18th session of the Conference of Cites Parties, Colombo, Sri Lanka

25 May 2019

ATIBT visit to ITTO, Japan

How to preserve the tropical Forest?

This video shows, in a simple and pedagogical way, the challenges of sustainable and responsible forest management, the certification of the forest companies exercising this management and the role of each player in the preservation of tropical forests.
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