Strengthening the position of CIRAD's Tropical Timber Team in Central Africa

Amandine Viretto, a researcher-engineer specialising in the design of wood-based composite materials, was recently recruited by CIRAD.

Amandine Viretto holds an engineering degree from the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Clermont Ferrand and a PhD from the École des Mines d'Alès. She has proven experience in the field of green waste valorization and other by-products, co-products and related products of the plant processing industry.

In order to strengthen its presence in Central Africa, CIRAD has scheduled her positioning in Gabon at the beginning of 2023, the time for her from Montpellier to finalize her framework of intervention, not limited to Gabon with a potential influence in the sub-region.

In Gabon, Amandine will work mainly with national research, education and training institutions, and operators in the tropical timber sector.

The actions she will lead will have for general objective to valorize in the form of materials, in particular for the habitat, the waste and co/by-products of the wood sector resulting mainly from the first and second transformation of wood, associated with the stakes related to a better valorization and a widening of the use of the lesser used species.