Interholco encourages « Let’s choose sustainable hardwood for people and planet »

On International Forest Day, INTERHOLCO is delighted to share photos of this magnificent Kosipo staircase, made by INTERHOLCO customer KORA.

Photo credit : © KORA

This year, International Forest Day’s theme is ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption’, making direct reference to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.

INTERHOLCO harvests its Kosipo in the Ngombé forest, which the company manages according to the demanding criteria of FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC® C022952), which aims to protect the habitat of thousands of gorillas and elephants, at the same time providing 16,000 inhabitants (including more than 1,000 workers) with the means to choose their lives.

Kosipo, a reddish-brown essence with purplish highlights, blooms with the light of spring. This magnificent staircase sings the awakening of life, punctuated by so many birds chirping in the sun !

A hymn to life, stronger than the swirls of separation and unrest: let’s choose Sustainable Hardwood Made in Africa, for people and planet!