HENRY TIMBER: a team to promote tropical timbers!

HENRY TIMBER, historical member of the ATIBT, wishes today to show its commitment to the use of tropical timber from sustainably managed forests, and to underline its interest for African species. The ATIBT, through its Fair&Precious collective, supports this positive step for the development of European markets for certified tropical woods.

Founded in 1895, HENRY TIMBER is one of the main European companies in the timber trade. Located in Saint Hilaire du Rosier, in Isère (France), the company imports wood from all over the world with a storage capacity of 40,000 m3. Under the impulse of a new management since 2017, it now aims to develop its activity around timbers from Africa: thirteen traveling salesmen are dedicated to promoting African timber products to distributors and industrialists in France. In addition, HENRY TIMBER wants to increase its purchases of certified tropical timber, in order to participate in the growth of a virtuous market in Europe, to protect the forest resources in the producing countries, and to support the local socio-economic activities around the forest-timber sector.

The company imports FSC and PEFC certified timber and has been a member of Le Commerce du Bois since 2000 in order to keep informed regarding issues related to the legality and certification of imported timber products.

The project of the company HENRY TIMBER is in line with the promotion of the 10 Fair&Precious commitments, of which it has been a partner for 2 years:

  • Managing and protecting forests
  • Preserving the forest resource
  • Facilitating the repopulation of tree species
  • Preserving the wildlife habitat
  • Taking action against poaching
  • Contributing to the well-being of populations
  • Stimulating producing countries' economies
  • Training for the forest and timber trades
  • Informing on timber species and uses
  • Promoting responsible purchasing


Importers have indeed, due to their central place in the supply chain, between producers and resellers or consumers, an important role to play in the development of the tropical timber market in Europe. By showing its willingness to increase its purchases of certified African wood, Henry Timber is opening the way to new outlets and encouraging the production of certified timber, while the problem of the supply of certified African wood is one of the major challenges of the sector. Moreover, importers are also key actors in the knowledge of the technical qualities and diversity of tropical species through their commercial actions. They participate not only in the sustainable management of tropical forests and the preservation of forest ecosystems in producing countries, but also in the sharing of information on the species and uses of wood in consuming countries.

Finally, in the interest of transparency, HENRY TIMBER has invested this year in the Themis project, which has developed a data collection portal to track the timber purchases of member companies of the European timber trade federations, by providing its own data. Beyond the requirements of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), to which all importers in EU member states are subject, companies that enter their data on the Themis portal show their commitment to certification and to the development of a legal and ethical market for tropical timber.

Patrick Faure, President, and his management team are at your disposal. His sourcing manager Julien ACLOQUE is in charge of promoting tropical timbers:

Port : +33 6 08 64 01 52

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