The ATIBT welcomes the NSD'A company, based in Côte d'Ivoire!

NSD'A (Nouvelle Scierie d'Agnibilékrou SA), based in Côte d'Ivoire, specializes in the processing and marketing of timber. Created in 1960, it has a staff of 400 people, and ensures a volume of log processing of 36 000 m3/year (Fromager, Kapokier, Ako, Ilomba). The company has the following certificates: OLB-CERT/COC-170701 certificate and OLB-CERT/COC-170703 certificate. NSD'A is committed to promoting the use of legally harvested and certified timber.

The management of the supply of certified raw materials to the NSD'A factory, the monitoring of the transformation process and the sale of certified products are carried out according to an organization and a monitoring of the whole transformation/production/shipping chain.
In the transformation part, the main products are veneer (whole peeling of logs) and lumber sold for export as well as plywood and other finished products such as isoplan doors sold locally and in the sub-region. In 2016, the company also installed a unit for the production of compressed pallets from chips with the aim of fully valorizing the waste. The company also carries out reforestation of plots under the supervision of the forestry administration and specialists in the field.  
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