Free training delivered by Preferred by Nature on the EUTR (EU Timber Regulation)

For any actor involved in the wood products trade, ATIBT encourages anyone to follow this training given by one of its members, "Preferred by Nature".

Preferred by Nature (formerly NEPCon) iis inviting you to a free online training course on the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and its implementation through due diligence.

The training is mainly intended for companies called "operators" who import timber into the European Union and on the obligations to which they are subject.

However, any company exporting timber to the EU or setting up a due diligence system on the risks of illegality of timber products or even more generally any actor involved in the legality of timber may be interested and concerned.

The workshop will discuss the requirements of the EUTR, the elements of a strong due diligence system and present techniques and tools available to effectively manage wood product supply chains.

The training in France will be divided into two sessions of half a day each (March 3 and 5, 2021). You can register for it here.

These workshops are part of LIFE Legal Wood, an international project dedicated to providing free information and due diligence tools to support EUTR implementation. It is co-funded by the European Commission and led by Preferred by Nature with a consortium of partners which includes Amfori, Baskegur, Cesefor, Conlegno, Etifor, Foresna, GD Holz, Le Commerce du Bois, Probos and the competent authorities of Belgium, Germany and Spain.
You can also access the same training in English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish here.