ATIBT welcomes its new member Sophie Dirou

A tropical forest engineer by training, Sophie Dirou has worked in the Congo Basin for more than 10 years.

Passionate about responsible forest management, she takes part in many debates at the heart of certification schemes. Sophie is indeed convinced that these tools are engines of continuous improvement in the practices of forest operators and of bringing them closer to all stakeholders in the forest-wood sector.

After the validation of the development plan for the concession of Olam Gabon in the Makokou region, Sophie worked for 10 years at TEREA on a multitude of projects and themes in all the countries of the region.

Now she lives in Port-Gentil and is Director of Sustainable Development for an FSC company there.

She has demonstrated her commitment with ATIBT for several years, in particular with her role as co-chair of the certification commission. She is also a member of the technical panel of the high conservation values ​​network.