Congratulations to Alpicam-Grumcam for obtaining its FSC certificate

ALPICAM-GRUMCAM is now certified in sustainable management: already OLB certified (Origin and Legality of Timber), the company has just officially obtained its FSC certification, thus guaranteeing strict forestry practices in the respect of forest ecosystems and populations. FSC certification is an international system based on demanding environmental and socio-economic specifications.

OLB certified since 2009, ALPICAM-GRUMCAM has spent many years maturing its experience on certification and strengthening its practices at all levels of the chain. It also had its processing plants FSC CoC certified in 2015, and has gradually integrated all the requirements of the standard.

In addition, ALPICAM-GRUMCAM is involved in two projects piloted by ATIBT and its partners: the "Reforestation in Cameroon's FMUs" project (UFA-Reforest), as well as the ASP Pacte Vert Cameroun project which has just started.

The ALPI Group, through an integrated value chain, guarantees the entire product chain under the same set of certifications, and therefore the respect of FSC criteria in each unit of the Group.

It has been committed to advanced processing and industrialization in Cameroon since 1975, and carries the vision of shared value creation through responsible forestry, labor-intensive processing in Cameroon, and a finished product unique in the world.

With this announcement concerning ALPICAM-GRUMCAM, we hope that our sector will reach the 10 million ha certified as sustainably managed by 2025, as we have recently projected.