Towards the full resumption of the TRACER service on the Nkok ZIS (Gabon)

TRACER GABON (ex FRM GABON) and BRAINFOREST are pleased to inform you of the decision by the Minister of Water and Forests to authorise the full resumption of the TRACER service on the Nkok ZIS (Gabon).

As a reminder, the activities of the TRACER service had been suspended on 6 March 2023 by decision of the previous forestry administration, on the basis of erroneous allegations. The service was reinstated by the same administration on 24 April 2023, following on-site intervention by the Ministry's Director of Cabinet at the time.

Since 24 April 2023, the TRACER-Nkok service has been active and has carried out its activities to the best of its ability, while endeavouring to overcome the obstacles to its smooth operation. This situation was reported to the current Minister in charge of forests, who gave us his support. In a letter dated 3 May 2024, sent to Water and Forestry officials, mills and log suppliers in the ZIS-Nkok, he indicated that these obstacles had been overcome and that the TRACER-Nkok service would be fully reactivated.

The TRACER-Nkok service can once again bring all its added value to ZIS-Nkok, contributing to the reputation of this economic ecosystem.



Jean-François CHEVALIER


Executive Secretary Brainforest

Executive Director TRACER GABON


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