ATIBT relays 2 calls for proposals of the World Research Institute

WRI has recently posted two calls for poposals on LinkedIn, one available in English, the other in French.

The first call for proposals, entitled "Open Timber Portal: outreach to EU and UK-based timber importers, competent authorities, and other relevant law enforcement agencies", is part of a commitment to improve the transparency of the forest and timber industry. Having developed the Open Timber Portal (OTP) with several partners, WRI is now seeking to train importers, competent authorities, and other relevant law enforcement agencies based in the EU and UK in the use of the OTP to encourage due diligence and strengthen legislation.

You can read the call for proposals here (PDF).

The second call for proposals, " Pour la sensibilisation des exploitants forestiers du Gabon au partage de leurs documents sur l’Open Timber Portal ", is also part of the implementation of the OTP. As forest operators are expected to move towards certification by 2022 in accordance with the Gabonese government's decision, it is necessary to increase the level of participation of Gabonese forest operators in the OTP. Optimal participation of foresters in the OTP requires the designation of a dedicated focal point to collect documents internally and to regularly update the company profile and documents as they expire. In particular, the aim is to increase both the number of participating companies and the number of valid documents shared by each company.

The call for proposals is available here (PDF).