Open Timber Portal encourages forests loggers in the Republic of Congo to share informations

The Open Timber Portal invites loggers in the Republic of Congo to share their information on the OTP platform. The goal is to increase both the number of participating companies, the number of valid documents shared by each company, and to motivate these companies to systematically keep their documents up to date.

The Open Timber Portal ( is a platform that promotes compliance with legality in timber production and trade by bringing transparency to forest operations. The OTP makes public previously inaccessible information about on-the-ground management practices and compliance with timber legality requirements.

The portal compiles information from three different sources: official concession boundaries and lists of registered loggers from the forestry administration; documents voluntarily posted by loggers to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements; and observations made by independent forest observers. The Republic of Congo is the first country where the OTP has been tested.

The Republic of Congo is the first country where the OTP was tested. Indeed, an alpha version of the portal, known as the Forest Transparency Initiative, was in operation there as early as 2010 before being replaced by the OTP in 2017. Numerous missions to introduce the concept have been made to Congo-based loggers since 2010.

To date, only 3 of the 14 companies that have signed the authorization to publish their data on the OTP are updating their profiles on a voluntary and regular basis. The present service is a continuation of these missions and consists in continuing the training of the companies to the latest functionalities of the site, in convincing them to share their legal compliance documents on the portal, and in accompanying them in updating their documents.

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