ONFI is looking for a commercial assistant

ONF International is looking for a commercial assistant for a position based in Nogent-sur-Marne, on a full-time or 4/5ths permanent contract.

As a commercial assistant, you will mainly be responsible for preparing responses to calls for tenders (expressions of interest, calls for projects) to which ONFI responds at a rapid pace. To do this, you will document the application files structured according to the model imposed by the donors (Public Development Banks) and fed by pre-existing internal documents or written by our experts.

You will be required to exchange with consortium partners (in English / French) in order to gather the needed documents.

You will also solicit external (independent) experts to form teams of consultants and you will keep updated the database of expertise and references established by ONFI.

You will report to our commercial development manager and you will be able to progressively enrich your position as you become more independent.

As a real actor in our development, you will participate in meetings and will be a recognized member of the team of about twenty people working at ONFI headquarters.