First Biennale of architecture and landscape of Île-de-France in Versailles. On the theme of “Man, nature and the city”

Workshop on Digital Communication Strategy Fair & Precious / ATIBT

Preparatory meeting for the “rainforest” component for the One Planet Summit in September, New York

Workshop on Sustainable Management and Supply Chain in the Wood Industry, with GGSC, UFIAG, DBA. Agro Paris Tech

Gabon Wood Show in Libreville

General Assembly FSC France

29th Global Forum on Forest Governance, Chatham House – Londres, RU

COP18 of CITES in Colombo (to be confirmed)

Tropikantes Festival of the Cité du développement durable in Nogent

PEFC Policy Conference (tbc), Bruxelles

ATIBT Forum in Shanghai, China

PEFC week, Würzburg (Allemagne)

STTC Conference in Berlin

The European timber sector has focused on both ensuring its sources of supply are legal and on growing market share for verified sustainable tropical wood.  The Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition 2019 Conference looks at how these dual efforts can interrelate to increase verified sustainable timber supply and demand and how STTC tools can support the process.

The 2019 European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) Conference will therefore be centered around the two themes of tropical timber promotion and how verified sustainable forest management can build on regional and national initiatives, such as the EU FLEGT VPA programme and Verified Sourcing Areas.

Join the conference to learn from the experience of companies, trade federations, NGOs and certification schemes, and share best practices with other delegates.

The STTC conference will be connected to the International Hardwood Conference that takes place on November 21 and 22 at the same venue in Berlin. Both events will also be excellent occasions to network with buyers, suppliers and the wider rainforest commodity sector.

Learn about

  • Why it is important to reverse the declining trend in the use of tropical timber
  • Best practices of the use of promotion and sales tools developed under the umbrella of the STTC;
  • The outcomes of the sustainable tropical timber market share study
  • A stepwise approach towards verified sustainable timber
  • The position of EUTR/FLEGT and certification
  • The impact of certification on landscapes

Participants and speakers
The Conference will gather STTC partners and participants, timber trade federations, timber traders, concession holders, policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders. The conference will be moderated by popular long-term STTC conference facilitator Peter Woodward.

International Hardwood Conference, Berlin