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Z.A. Le Montigné Est
35370 - Torcé

Joseph et Yves PANAGET
Phone: +33 2 99 49 66 66

Founded in 1997, Design Parquet is a manufacturer of customised flooring made of solid and laminated timber. The company is based at the gates of Brittany along the Paris-Rennes expressway.

Design Parquet is an innovative brand that regularly develops many products. In order to guarantee to consumers wooden floors that come from properly managed forests, Design Parquet has obtained FSC® and PEFCTM certification. The ultra-modern factory uses state-of-the-art finishing technology. Flooring is varnished, oiled, tinted and brushed within a high-performance finishing chain, the only finishing chain of its type to date. It offers finished flooring that enables the timber structure to appear. Design Parquet sells its floors in more than 100 countries.