Valorisation of African timber and brand Fair&Precious

ATIBT aims to serve the tropical timber industry, from the forest to the final consumer, especially for timber from Africa, where the Association is historically active.



Based on the fact that the communication on tropical timber had been non-existent for 20 years, and following a marketing study carried out in 2014, ATIBT and its members have set up a marketing program in 2015. This program aims to “sustainably and responsibly develop the” African timber” sector through the promotion and commercialization of its legal and certified products”, notably through the “Fair&Precious” brand.

This brand, conceived by the members present at the Milan Forum, aims to promote certified timber. It is based on a Manifesto highlighting its values, and the poster campaign “African timber, much more than timber”, intended to enhance the social, economic, technical and environmental benefits of tropical timber.