GOOD WOOD EXPO Republic of Congo – Juin/Juillet 2020 : An agreement signed between ATIBT and BVRio UK Limited (BVUK)


BVRio, a member of ATIBT has the objective of promoting and implementing environmentally friendly activities in the UK and international markets, including improving the markets for legal and certified timber products from tropical countries. This organization was also a sponsor of the Shanghai Forum in October 2019.

ATIBT and BVRio have agreed to work together to organise a GOOD WOOD EXPO EVENT in Republic of Congo will be held in June/July 2020. This event is dedicated to the promotion of international trade and the commercial valuation of legal and certified timber products that contribute to the implementation of legal and sustainable forest management.

This event will ensure a better understanding of the benefits of legal logging, international trade requirements and best practices in terms of forest law enforcement, governance and trade, notably through the sharing of knowledge and experience on FLEGT. But also to raise awareness of better consumption and responsible use of tropical timber on the European market by creating a favourable framework for the development of relations between operators, trade and knowledge sharing.

Tropical forests and their ecosystem services are a key resource on which people and society depend. Indeed, their natural production of wood, a source of renewable raw material, the biodiversity they harbour and the development of human activities illustrate an important part of the social, economic and environmental functions they perform. They are thus an integral part of human life and provide a natural capital that places the legal and sustainable management of tropical timber at the heart of the sustainable development and climate change challenges facing all countries.

The critical situation of tropical forests in addressing climate change and its effects on social and economic development calls for the mobilization and commitment of all actors in the forest-based sector to join efforts to ensure legal and sustainable production and consumption of timber throughout the supply chain.

As part of its objective to strengthen the cluster of actors involved in the legal and sustainable management of tropical timber in the Congo Basin, ATIBT supports the implementation of legal and sustainable supply chains for tropical timber in the Congo Basin with Asian actors. It promotes and accompanies inter-professional exchanges on the evolution of the forest and timber sector and the issues it entails, thus contributing to the establishment and maintenance of profitable markets and best practices in long-term sustainable forest management. Its approach is based on facilitation, the search for continuous improvement and its permanent commitment to the defence of tropical forest products with the promotion of legality and sustainable management of tropical timber as its cornerstone.

In a context where China has become a major player in the African forest market and today absorbs nearly 50% of production, support for the implementation of legal and sustainable supply chains for tropical timber in the Congo Basin with Asian actors responds in particular to the need to :

  • Strengthen and sustain collaboration and exchanges between operators in producer countries through the sharing of knowledge and experience on the legality and sustainability of forests.
  • Promote and develop the potential of the forest-based sector in mitigating climate change through the recognition of the economic, social and environmental values of forests.

Thus, in view of the above, GOOD WOOD EXPO aims to :

  • promote the legal trade of timber from the Republic of Congo and the Central African sub-region to international markets;
  • raise public awareness on the importance of legality of timber and the benefits of the VPA – FLEGT process;
  • linking buyers, sellers and producers of legal and certified timber products;
  • inform participants about due diligence mechanisms;
  • share experiences from West and Central Africa (e.g. Congo, Gabon and Ghana) in order to attract investment in logging and legal timber processing.

The GOOD WOOD EXPO will take place over 3 days. It offers 2 days with a conference in the morning, an exhibition/exhibition/stands in the afternoon and 1 day for a field visit to a wood processing plant. Small workshops and side events will be organized for networking.

We will keep you informed.

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