Why are current policies to combat deforestation doomed to failure ?


The article below, proposed by an international team, questions the effectiveness of policies to combat deforestation. The ATIBT reads in it that some key actors in this fight (and in particular the private sector that we represent), are rarely involved in the implementation of these policies, while some members of our profession have continued to evolve towards sustainable and certified management.

When questioned, Prof. Vermeulen, co-author of the article, qualifies the somewhat provocative title by recalling that in Central Africa forest sector reform is one of the policies that has worked relatively well: it has contributed to the fight against deforestation, by establishing a permanent forest estate that has resisted deforestation fairly well since its creation, thanks in particular to private sector accountability and resource development.

In any case, for the ATIBT, any debate that aims to put forest actors back at the centre of the discussion is good to take.

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