Continuation of TRACER-DR project Communication in Gabon with FRMI and BRAINFOREST


Two news videos from TRACER-DR project carried out by FRMI and Brainforest in Nkok Zone are available !

As a reminder, TRACER-DR is a system of due diligence. It covers all the log flows entering in Nkok ZES and guarantee :

  • The traceability of 100% of incoming logs, from the forest of origin into the factory.
  • The compliance of 100% of log suppliers  with a legal framework adapted to Gabonese Context.

The experience of the application of due diligence for the approval of log suppliers to the Special Economic Zone of Nkok (ZES-Nkok) in Gabon continues and is further consolidated.

The joint FRM-Gabon / Brainforest teams are working daily to ensure investors in the timber sector of ZES-Nkok a supply of logs that are traceable and present a low or negligible risk of illegality.

After the first videos published (see ATIBT news) in April 2020 retracing the context, the fundamental principles and the importance of the due diligence process for the ZES-Nkok, the communication continues on this concept and its application in the context of Gabon and the ZES- Nkok, with the publication of two new videos by the partners FRM-Gabon and Brainforest, accessible below

THEME 4: Due diligence TRACING what is changing? What does it bring?

THEME 5: Concept of due diligence scope

Contacts :

The TRACER-DR team is available to answer to any questions on this system implementation.

Nicolas BAYOL, FRMI Study Director

Seraphin NGOUMBE, RRACER-DR Regional office technical coordinator