Implementation of FLEGT REDD CERTIFICATION project activities in the DRC


Within the framework of the partnership between the Federation of Timber Manufacturers (FIB) and the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT), for the implementation of the FLEGT REDD CERTIFICATION projects financed by the FFEM, the EU and the PPECF, a communication plan has been set up : Videos, worshops, studies ! Below a general overview :

For the DRC as for the other countries concerned by the projects (Gabon, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Congo-Brazzaville), this plan provides actions of « awareness-raising » communication, which is the subject of several project actions: in particular to inform and consult forest and industrial companies, and to strengthen private sector advocacy in the VPA, REDD+ and certification processes.

The FIB, and the other unions in the target countries, has released the production of short cartoon and documentary films in French with English, Chinese or Lingala translation. Three themes are developed by the FIB :


1.In a short cartoon film, the speakers raise the issues related to the basis of a development plan, its objective, the responsibilities of the parties including the State, the company, the local community and civil society, and the tools to be provided for its proper implementation.

2. Nowadays, the forestry sector in the DRC is undergoing several changes in terms of governance and forest management practices. Thus, the speakers in the second short film try to draw a parallel between what the logger was yesterday and what he is today by focusing on the pillars of forest governance which are the political, legal, institutional and regulatory framework, the planning and decision-making process, as well as the implementation and enforcement of regulations.

3. Countries with a functional VPA have easier access to the European market. The latest short cartoon film oriented towards the FLEGT Action Plan : VPA-RBUE aims to promote the value of FLEGT and to show the synergies between FLEGT and Certification to the forest sector stakeholders. In the scripts, stakeholders is giving explanations on the FLEGT, talk about VPA and RBUE and identify possible links with the forest enterprise and forest certification.


Furthermore, in order to improve Congolese (DRC) FLEGT VPA stakeholders knowledge of third party verified certification and computerised traceability systems to facilitate the implementation of the Congolese LAS, a key element of the future FLEGT VPA, a national workshop is being prepared. It is envisaged for September/October 2020. Its objective is, on the one hand, to demonstrate the benefits of third party verified forest certification for the Congolese FLEGT VPA process and, on the other hand, to facilitate the implementation of the future national timber traceability system.

Finally, advocacy is also part of the project’s activities. To this end, FIB has undertaken a study on the regulation of the transport sector in the DRC.

The study was carried out in January 2020 and was accompanied by recommendations to the Government aimed at encouraging and promoting a good business climate for activities in this area.

Two other studies are currently being carried out, one of which deals with forestry taxation/parafiscal levies, which poses many problems and has become very complex and unsustainable for the sector. The aim is to take stock of the situation regarding taxation/parafiscality from 2012 to 2020 and to assess the situation for industrial forestry companies.

The other is related to the new regulation on social clause agreements between the company and the local community and aims to study the provisions of Ministerial Order n°072 setting out the model agreement constituting the social clause. This decree creates disagreements between the administration and the private forestry sector and the purpose of this study is to propose potential solutions.

On the basis of these three studies, the FIB can make solid and constructive representations to the authorities and structures concerned.