ATIBT publishes its study on the impact of COVID-19 on the forest sector in the Republic of Congo


ATIBT, in collaboration with BVRio and support from UK Aid under the Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme, carried out a study to ensure a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on the forest sector in the Republic of Congo. It highlights the consequences of the pandemic on the forest sector and the difficulties in implementing measures to combat the spread of the epidemic.

The resulting analysis highlights the direct consequences of the health crisis on the economic and social environment of the forest sector, jeopardizing the production and trade of forest products and the livelihoods of local populations.

The results of this study, presented in this document, should help to explore the best solutions to support forest enterprises in the face of the difficulties encountered during this complicated period, and to support the reflections of stakeholders in the forest-based sector (enterprises, public services, commercial partners, etc.) to guarantee the livelihoods of local populations in a more sustainable way in the post-crisis period.

This study is based on information collected from April to June 2020, provided by ATIBT members, and is mainly based on the participation in telephone interviews of 20 companies in the wood industry throughout the Congolese territory.

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