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This new site has been realised with the support of PPECF (financed by COMIFAC - KfW), within the framework of the marketing programme implemented by ATIBT :

The ATIBT is an organisation at the service of its members, players in the timber sector. To do so, it must enrich and disseminate technical knowledge on forests and wood, but also promote the purchase of an exceptional eco-responsible material.

This new site is the result of the reflections carried out on the ATIBT's digital ecosystem in connection with the Fair&Precious marketing programme.

It was created with the technical support of the 6LAB web agency.

This new version is intended to be more dynamic, with content adapted to each category of Internet user, from wood professionals looking for technical information to environmental experts, and to the general public wishing to learn about the challenges of sustainable management of tropical forests.

We must manage the the unpredictability of economic conditions, integrating climate change issues, while projecting our sector in the long term, in order to ensure the durability of a model that provides the best guarantees for the environment and the economies of the producing countries.

This new site is therefore intended to reflect the diversity of ATIBT's activities at the service of a sector that has been able to integrate the challenges of tomorrow.

From the point of view of its organization and its functionalities it offers in particular :

  • A more contemporary design, adapted to the mobile, improved ergonomics.
  • A navigation with a clearer main menu.
  • Easy access to content pages and articles/resources.
  • New content pages, e.g. dedicated page for each Commission, enlarged “Team” page, new "You are" section, new "Objectives" section, reinforced "Areas of competence" section…
  • A transversal content, new "Tags" section allowing pages on the same theme to be linked together.
  • A highlight of the current topics on the first screen of the home page, superimposed on the video: "Scientific and technical knowledge" / "Purchase of legal and certified timber" / "Payment for ecosystem services" / "Reforestation and agroforestry".
  • Quick access to the other ATIBT sites, and in particular the Fair&Precious web site ;
  • Highlighting events on the home page.
  • A location map of Members (which will be interactive soon).
  • Key figures of the sector in dynamic mode.
  • Members' logos on the site pages.
  • Member sections with filters, with a dedicated page for each Member (Member file with logo, contact details and presentation text).
  • The " Become a Member " section and dedicated page.
  • The "Members' Directory" automatically generated in PDF.
  • A " News " section with filters.
  • Newsletter Subscription highlighted on all pages and synchronisation with MailChimp.
  • An automatic Newsletter generation tool.
  • The Media Library is highlighted on all pages, with new pages dedicated to resources: "Technical Publications", "Corporate Publications", "Activity Reports", "Videos", etc.

 Enjoy surfing !

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