EUTR requirement : ATIBT recalls and explains the importance of timber names and their meanings


As a reminder, the EUTR states the need to obtain information concerning “the description, including the trade name and the type of products as well as the common name of the forest tree species and where appropriate, its full scientific name…”
However, what do the names mean: commercial, common or even scientific? What do these regulations mean by "where applicable"?

In 2013, ATIBT published a note (available here only in French) recalling the origin of the names of the timber, their meaning and their use.

The timber can indeed bear the botanical name, defined by its leaves / flowers or tree fruits.

However, this name is no longer sufficient when it is necessary to take into account the environmental characteristics. At the same time, some different species can produce timber with relatively uniform characteristics, hence the term « wood species” used in the marketing of timber.

 Finally, so-called "vernacular" or "vulgar" names are used in each country by the populations.

This is why ATIBT published 60 years ago a timber nomenclature defining each species by a unique pilot name recognized internationally.

Regular updates are needed. The 7th and  latest version of the ATIBT nomenclature dates from June 2016 and is available here.

In order to meet the requirements of the EUTR in terms of information to be obtained on tropical timber species, the pilot name of the timber species from ATIBT is necessary and sufficient.

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