GTF (Global Timber Forum) is launching a call for action toward policy makers


The ATIBT welcomes the call for action and the “Briefing” from GTF and invites you to read it carefully.

The brieffing drafted by GTF is accompanied by a covering letter cosigned by par IWPA (International Wood Products Association), ETTF (European Timber Trade Federation, UFIGA (Union des Forestiers et Industriels du Bois du Gabon) et GTF.

This covering letter reminds that forest sector plays a central role in a bioeconomy by providing material, bioenergy and a wealth of ecosystem services.

There is a renewed urgency to increase supply chain resilience for wood-based supply chains through capacity building.

Through its briefing, GTF is encouraging greater attention and funding to timber and forest trade associations as the most appropriate and effective way to represent and support SMEs in the forest and wood-based sector.

This briefing is  a call for action for national and international policy and programme developers to review their approach to engaging SMEs. It has been sent to major policy makers and donors globally and is available in English, French, Spanish.

In order to amplify this message GTF encourages all its supporters to undertake the following:

  1. Forward the Briefing to your national governments, donors and other interested parties/associations.
    1. Feel free to include the Covering Letter or adapt it to suit your circumstances.
    2. You are welcome to translate the Briefing into another language if required (please forward any translated copies to GTF)
  2. Show your support & record comments for the Briefing contents and messages to National & International Policy Makers & Programme Leads HERE - GTF  will collate & publish your comments.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives and businesses. In response the GTF Board has elected to organise remote Regional Summits in early 2021 for South East Asia, Africa, Latin America. This will be a chance to update each other, share information, access experts on technical issues and explore how we can better work together.