ATIBT sends you its warmest wishes for a happy holiday season !


Dear members and readers of our newsletter;
With this last weekly message, it is with great pleasure that we wish you an excellent end of year 2020.
The ATIBT team has worked throughout the year to send you information that we hope you find useful, concerning our tropical timber sector.
We will come back in January with a formula that will also include specific information about the members of our association.
Hopefully, 2021 will also be a year of "real" meetings between our members and the numerous partners of the sector. These meetings will allow us to continue to advance our values and ideas concerning the sustainable management of the forests of the Congo Basin, the legality of the tropical timber trade, and to exchange on the challenges facing our sector.
We wish you all a very happy holiday season; we look forward to sending you our next letter on January 8 !