A new section available on the ATIBT website


The ATIBT is pleased to inform you that its website now has a section dedicated to announcements from its members.

The articles, on the website and in the newsletter, are now available in two sections:

  • ATIBT and sector news gathering news from ATIBT projects, ATIBT commissions and the forestry sector as a whole.
  • The "on the side of our members" announcements gathering news from one of our members (such as a new certification obtained by one of our members or the birthday of one of our members, etc.), announcements of events organised specifically by one of our members (a workshop or webinar for example), but also, calls for tenders, job offers, expert searches, training proposals from one of our members…

Every week the newsletter will relay the news from our members. So, dear members, do not hesitate to send us your announcements from the bush, the forest and even the city.

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