Launch of a wildlife monitoring project in Congo


The primary aim of the CAAPP-Faune project is to explore new approaches to wildlife monitoring.

(c) Sarah Tossens

The aim is to devise a standardised, broad-spectrum approach that is also less costly and can be replicated on a large scale and over time.

CAAPP-Faune is led by the Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB) and Nature+ asbl, and is funded by the PPECF. Through its implementation, the effectiveness and complementarity of various wildlife monitoring methods in establishing protocols adapted to the context of forest concessions in Central Africa will be measured.

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Cornell University (as part of the Elephant Listening Project) and the Goualougo Triangle Project are all partners in the project, which will take place in the Republic of Congo, within the CIB concessions.


More news coming soon!

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