ATIBT commissions, a privileged discussion forum for members


To monitor actions and realities in the field, ATIBT has set up several thematic working groups. Remember participation is voluntary: all interested ATIBT members can join a commission. You can send us an e-mail to for further details.


These seven working groups bring together ATIBT members who wish to contribute to our discussions on the challenges facing the tropical timber sector. Each commission meets two or three times a year, and regularly invites outside speakers to share their expertise.

The Certification Commission is made up of specialists in the fields of forest management, sustainability and, of course, certification.

The Forestry & Industry commission aims to reflect on the future of management plans and better timber processing in producer countries.

The Timber Material & Standardization commission aims to discuss collective developments and strategies for establishing and reacting to standards.

The Agroforestry & Plantations commission deals with issues relating to a subject that is making a strong comeback in many forums and projects.

The Carbon & Biodiversity commission strengthens the link between forest operators and carbon markets, also integrating biodiversity issues.

The Marketing commission focuses on marketing, logistics and advocacy issues.

The Training commission is looking at ways of improving training opportunities in the timber industry, particularly in producer countries, and facilitating exchanges on training issues.