ATIBT technical sheet : woods for hydraulic works


ATIBT presents this week a new technical sheet on tropical timber. As a reminder, all the technical sheets are available on a dedicated page on our website.

Hydraulic structures are characterized by the following two elements :

  • A hydraulic structure is considered as such if it is entirely or partially immersed permanently or intermittently; external structures such as footbridges, decking, or cladding are not considered as hydraulic structures.
  • A distinction must be made between structures in fresh water on the one hand, and structures in brackish water or in a marine environment on the other hand, a distinction essentially linked to the risks of damage due to marine debris.

The present document concerns the uses of wood which depend on hydraulic architecture, with the object of constructions in water or water movement.

This document was written by Mr. Emmanuel Groutel (Wale) and Mr. Jean Gérard (CIRAD), respectively President and Secretary of the ATIBT wood standardization commission

Download the technical sheet (FR)

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