Call for tenders in the framework of the ASP Congo project - Extension of the submission deadline to March 18


The Private Sector Support Project in the Republic of Congo (ASP-Congo) is looking for a consultant specializing in change management and a consultant specializing in the field of business communication and on an economic sector. The deadline for submission of applications has been extended to March 18.

Since August 2021, ATIBT Congo has been implementing a project to support the Private Sector in the Republic of Congo (ASP-Congo) project, with funding from the DUE Brazzaville. This project aims to contribute to a better involvement of the forestry sector companies through their professional representation. The private sector must be able to contribute to the main developments in the sector related to the implementation of regulatory changes and more globally to the FLEGT process.

As part of the implementation of its activities, ATIBT Congo is launching two calls for tenders to assist the team in two areas

Support for the change management of the Unibois union

The professional association UNIBOIS represents the forestry SMEs/SMIs with Congolese capital (except the company Asia Congo Industries SARL), and counts among its members the majority of the forestry companies operating in the southern Congo. This union has structural and functional difficulties in ensuring its role with its members.

Before defining more concretely activities and support to Unibois within the framework of the ASP project, it is necessary to evaluate the will of all UNIBOIS actors to clean up the union. To do this, the project provides for a "change support" approach for the union, and ATIBT is looking for a consultant to help UNIBOIS establish a new dynamic through this change support, where the executive board and members will be proactive.

The terms of reference of the expected service are available here.

Elaboration of a communication plan for the promotion of the forest/wood sector in Congo

In order to improve the image of the Congolese forestry and wood sector, the ASP project will develop a communication plan to promote the social, economic and environmental contributions of the private forestry sector. This communication plan, established in coherence with the FLEGT Congo VPA communication plan, will identify specific didactic messages and communication tools for other stakeholders in the FLEGT process.

This communication plan should focus on three areas:

  • external communication about the sector to other stakeholders
  • internal sector communication and
  • communication about the project

ATIBT is therefore looking for a consultant specialized in the field of communication in companies and in an economic sector to assist it in the development of its communication strategy and communication plan.

The terms of reference of the expected service are available here.

Submission of applications:

Applications must be received no later than March 18, 2022 at the office of ATIBT Congo, at the following address:

ATIBT Congo, Immeuble Bolloré Logistique Congo, avenue Felix Eboué, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Or by email:

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