One more step towards certification in Gabon: congratulations to EGG for its LegalSource certification!


ATIBT would like to congratulate EGG (Exploitation Gabonaise de Grumes) for obtaining its LegalSourceTM certificate of legality last January.

Crédit photo : EGG

While Gabon plans to make certification mandatory for all companies working in the forestry and timber sector, efforts by industry actors are well underway. EGG is a good example: now legally certified, the company is now working to obtain FSC sustainable management certification in the coming months. The company manages and exploits 256,000 hectares of forest on its concessions in Ogooué Lolo and Haut Ogooué respectively.

"Obtaining the certificate of legality consolidates the achievements of our company, which aims to be a responsible and committed company in terms of management and exploitation, allowing for legal and sustainable management of its forests," said Adrien Spaymant, Deputy Director.

Gabon had announced its ambition to certify all its forest concessions by 2022.  Given the need for Gabon to rationalize the upstream forest ecosystem to promote sustainable management, and to implement a set of prerequisites for certification and the eradication of illegal practices, this deadline seems to be postponed.

This project has the merit of promoting the development of a sustainable economy.

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