New tropical species listed in the European Union's Annex D: what steps should importers take?


EU Appendix D species are species that are not listed in CITES, but for which the EU considers that import volumes warrant monitoring. In this sense, EU importers must complete an "Import Notification".

In January 2022, the European Commission listed new species in Annex D of the EU Regulation of 16 December 2021 amending the Regulation on the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein and the EC Regulation.

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Species listed in EU Annex D include:

- Okoumé: Aucoumea klaineana   

- Ipe: Handroanthus spp

- Sapelli: Entandrophragma cylindricum

- Moabi: Baillonella toxisperma :

The ATIBT has contacted the EU officials in charge of Annex D, to interact with them on the relevance of including or not certain species in this new Annex.

How to obtain import notifications for Annex D goods?

- Import notifications are completed by the importer on i-CITES and then printed by the importer.

- The operator submits the import notification which consists of two sheets.

Sheet 1 is for the CITES issuing authority; sheet 2 must be retained by the trader.

- After verification of the documents presented, the customs service completes and endorses the import notification sheets.

For more information:

Consult the Customs FAQ

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