Fordaq develops its TallyExpress app to cube square-edged bundles


TallyExpress - the application that wants to be revolutionary lumber tally app – recognizes and counts each wood board individually, calculates their respective widths and computes the total volume in a matter of seconds, with just a photo taken with your Android device.

TallyExpress app

Using artificial intelligence and sophisticated computer vision algorithms, TallyExpress allows you to measure bundles in a fast and reliable way.

In October 2021, Tally Express reached 1 million measurements done with the app. This crowned a year of very strong usage growth for the product, now used by more than 130 sawmills worldwide.

How it works

Download TallyExpress from Play Store and test it for free!

After you download the app, place the reference on the bundle and take the picture (see video). TallyExpress will automatically detect and count the boards, also computing the volume. Next, the app generates a tally report with a picture. The whole process takes no longer than one minute. 


1. Take a picture of the bundle

2. The app detects the boards

3. A tally report with picture is generated


TallyExpress sets high standards, achieving a 99% level of accuracy on volume. Any faulty detections can be quickly adjusted. The more you use the app to measure the wood bundles, the smarter the software gets and the more accurate it becomes. 

Your measurements are synced to the TallyExpress web application in the cloud, where you can review the results, make any final adjustments, share by email or export them to your inventory system. The entire process can be done by a single employee, with no other assistance needed. 


DMSi, a pioneer of ERP software for the industry, sees TallyExpress as a natural complement to its line of software solutions.

“When we saw what TallyExpress can do, we knew immediately it was a technology breakthrough for the industry. We’re bringing this product to market because it is the right solution for our customers’ futures,” said Henry German, Product Manager of TallyExpress at DMSi.  

TallyExpress is already used by key players in the lumber industry, such as: Northwest Hardwoods -USA; Oak Ridge Hardwoods – USA; Sechoir St. Roch – Canada; Brownlee Lumber – USA;  Capibois and Scierie et Caisserie de Steinbourg – France.

The lumber industry now has the most advanced technological solution for its tallying needs and anyone can use it with no specialized training.  If you can use a smartphone, you can use TallyExpress. TallyExpress will help you save time, increase accuracy and manage all of your data in a transparent way. All you have to do is take a picture of the bundle, fill in the lumber information and let the app do the end tally work!

Find out more about how TallyExpress can work for you at or by contacting Mrs. Cristina Rotaru: , phone no. +32 234 207 57.